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Glitter & Spice 嬰兒矽膠餐具套裝禮盒  - 冰藍色

Glitter & Spice 嬰兒矽膠餐具套裝禮盒

- 矽膠吸盤、碗、勺、圍兜、杯子


Glitter & Spice 矽膠餐具

我們的豪華矽膠餐具套裝讓用餐變得輕鬆實用!我們的餐具由 100% 食品級矽膠製成,不含 BPA、鉛和鄰苯二甲酸鹽等有害化學物質。您的寶寶很快就會學會如何像大孩子一樣吃喝!












Glitter & Spice Silicone Tableware Gift Set

- Silicone suction plate, bowl, spoon, food bib, cup


Glitter & Spice Silicone Tableware

Our luxurious silicone tableware set makes mealtime easy and practical! Made from 100% food grade silicone, our tableware is free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, lead and phthalates. Your little one will learn how to eat and drink like a big kid in no time!


Silicone Suction Plate and Bowl + Spoon Set:

Our strong suction base on our bowls and plates keeps them tightly secured on the table. Our bowls feature a high back which prevents spills and helps to keep food in the bowl. Ourplates come with three perfectly sized sections so you can offer a variety of foods at a time while keeping them neatly separated!


Silicone Food Bib:

Our silicone food bibs are perfect for your messy eaters! Our food bibs are designed with a wide catch-all pocket to keep mealtime messes contained. When mealtime is over, you can simply fold it up for neat and easy strong.


Grow with me Silicone Cup:

Our silicone cups are designed to grow with your little one. Our cups have two easy to grip handles, and a secure lid to prevent spills. It is also equipped with a silicone straw and a cleaning brush! When your little one is ready to transition to an open cup, simply remove and store the lid and straw.


Glitter & Spice 嬰兒矽膠餐具套裝禮盒 - 冰藍色



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