Pampers初生嬰兒尿片 (尺碼:細/中/大/加大)

1) Hallmarks 公仔 x2 
2) 多用途BB毛巾/尿墊/被仔 x2
3) ZURI BABY 繡花口水肩 x2
4) Baby Prime 紗巾 x2 
5) 毛巾 x2 
6) 夾衣 x2 
7) 濕紙巾 x2 
8) 手工名牌裝飾 (客人可按需求,度身設計BB名字或Baby Boy / Girl ) x1 
9) 假花



Pampers Diaper (SIZE:S/M/L/XL)

1) Hallmarks Doll x2 
2) Baby Towel/Pads/Blanket x2
3) ZURI BABY Embroidered Baby Bib x2
4) Baby Prime Baby Scarf x2 
5) Baby Towel x2 
6) Baby Suit x2 
7) Baby Wet Wips x2 
8) Die Cut Name Plate(Custom made die cut name plate or Baby Boy / Girl) x1 
9) Artificial Flower


Baby Gender / 嬰兒性別
Diaper Size / 尿片尺碼
Diaper / 尿片
Diaper Cake Package / 尿片蛋糕包裝
  • 備註 Remarks:


    * 訂貨人姓名
    * 訂貨人聯絡電話
    * 收貨人名字
    * 收貨人地址

    - 收貨人電話
    - 祝福語


    Once you placed your order, please fill in the following information at the shopping cart Memo area.
    (*) Mandatory 
    * Orderer's Name

    * Orderer's contact number
    * Receiver's name
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    - Greeting messages

  • 產品參考尺寸 Products Reference Size

    H:41cm x W:37cm


    ***Those measurements are the sizes of the diapers, the measurements of stuffed animals and other products are no included.***


  • 訂購需知 Ordering Instruction


    The baby products in the diaper cakes will be updated and changed from time to time. Our designer will assemble the cake with the best products.