It is a touching and blissful moment when new lives are born. Sometimes we rack our brains looking for a meaningful and practical gift to celebrate the arrival of these little angels! Our product - BABY CAKE (Diaper cake) would be your best choice. 

LTP BABY CAKE DESIGN has a great suggestion for you. BABY CAKE (Diaper cake) is a unique gift made of various baby products by the artistic mind and skillful hands. It is popular in Korea, Japan and England for many years. Since established, the company always goes the extra mile in searching for the highest quality baby products to produce the special and original BABY CAKES (Diaper cakes). Our goal is to provide a quality, meaningful and unique BABY CAKE (Diaper cake). We value the importance of customer interaction and we welcome custom orders. Customers are encouraged to decide everything from theme of the BABY CAKE (diaper cake) to tier size, from price range to ‘ingredients’ that go in to the cake, then we will ‘bake’ your custom BABY CAKE (diaper cake) from scratch that meets your special needs! For customers who are in a rush, there are over 30 different styles of BABY CAKE (Diaper Cake) ready for purchase in our store. Now just a call away, you can send your wishes to every newborn babies.

Our belief is “Give a gift of the highest quality is to give the most sincere blessings to the babies ". At LTP BABY CAKE DEISGN, we strive to maintain the highest standard of BABY CAKE (Diaper cake) and bring novelty to our customers without losing our ‘Customer Focus’. Our goal is to become the most popular and the most creative brand of BABY CAKE (Diaper cake) in the market.

Our Mission


每個新生命來到這個世界都是一個既感動又幸福的時刻,但送什麼去祝福這個幸福的小生命,往往令很多朋友傷盡腦筋!要送一份有意義又實際的禮物去祝福這個像小天使般的他/她! 尿片蛋糕(Diaper Cake) 就是大家的最佳選擇...

今天就讓老太婆尿片蛋糕專家(下稱為老太婆)推介給大家啦! 尿片蛋糕(Diaper Cake)是把BB尿片運用精巧手藝再加入BB用品作素材而製成的一個個特色禮物,在韓國,日本及英國已流行多年。 而老太婆2009成立至今,不斷搜尋優質的BB用品去製作每一份別出心裁的尿片蛋糕(Diaper Cake)款式,為的就是要令每個款式都能做到優質,有意義和具特色的尿片蛋糕(Diaper Cake)。老太婆著重和客人的互動溝通,客人可因應自己的喜好給予我們一些獨特的設計要求,我們願意為每位客人提供專業的意見去製作出具特色的尿片蛋糕(Diaper Cake)。另外,我們亦預先製作了數十款尿片蛋糕(Diaper Cake)款式設計供客人選擇,現在你只需要一個電話,就能把你的祝福送給每一個小生命。

老太婆一直相信“給BB最優質的禮物就是給BB最真摰的祝福”所以我們不斷保持尿片蛋糕(Diaper Cake)的品質,致力以創意為客人帶來新鮮感、堅守以客為本的營運宗旨。老太婆矢志在所營運的市場中,成為備受客人歡迎及最具創意之尿片蛋糕(Diaper Cake)品牌。