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· 3層嬰兒紙尿片

· 手工裝飾插牌 
·  Mami & Beby 芭蕾舞兔兔玩偶 
·  Just Because 搖鈴玩具 
·  Mother's Choice 嬰兒多用途包被 
·  Hudson Childrenswear 嬰兒多用途包被 
·  Hudson Childrenswear 長袖嬰兒連身衣 
·  Hudson Childrenswear 嬰兒口水肩 
· Hudson Childrenswear毛巾 x4
·  Robeez 嬰兒鞋子 
·  Hudson Childrenswear 嬰兒襪
· 透明包裝禮盒  

· 精美心意卡 (請於右方填上心意卡內容或於付款時按下備註備註填寫) 

3 Tier Diaper Cake

Please select the diaper's brand and size from the right. 



· 3 Tier Diaper Cake

· Cake Topper 
· Mami & Beby Ballerina Bunny Plush 
· Just Because Rattle 
· Mother's Choice Baby Receiver Blanket 
· Hudson Childrenswear Baby Receiver Blanket 
· Hudson Childrenswear Cotton Long-Sleeve Bodysuits 
· Hudson Childrenswear Baby Bib 
· Hudson Childrenswear Baby Washcloth x4
· Robeez Baby Shoes 
· Hudson Childrenswear Baby Socks
· Plastic Gift Box 

· Greeting Card (Please leave the message on the right or write in the check-out remarks.)


  • 結帳時,務必打開備註填寫以下資料:





    Please include the following information in the remarks box in the checkout. 

    ・Customer's name and contact number

    ・Receiver's name  and contact number

    ・Greeting message (Optional)

  • ・蛋糕的整體顏色及主題可根據客戶要求更改。如有其他特別要求,例如:層數、指定嬰兒牌子產品等,請與我們聯絡。


    ・ 尿片蛋糕上的嬰兒用品有機會因季節或款式供貨週期而短缺,如遇此情況,本店會以同等或更高價格之嬰兒用品代替。


    ・ 所有圖片顯示的包裝絲帶及人造花只供參考。如遇缺貨,本店會以最接近的顏色作代替。


    ・ The overall color and theme of the diaper cake can be adjusted upon request. Please contact us for special requirements, such as size, specific brand products.


    ・ In the event of supply difficulties, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods or packaging of equal quality and value.


    ・ All ribbons and artificial flowers showed in the pictures are for reference only. In the event that the decorations are unavailable, we will replace them with the closest color substitute.


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