1. 產品詳情
    Pampers初生baby 尿片 (尺碼: 細碼/中碼/大碼/加大碼)
    1.    Just Because小象公仔 x2
    2.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice 安撫巾(象象) x2
    3.    Little Caleb 牙膠連奶咀夾 x2
    4.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice 多用途BB包被 (可用作毛巾/尿墊/被仔用途) x2
    5.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice 夾衣 x6
    6.    Luvable Friends 鞋仔襪 x2
    7.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice 毛巾仔 x8
    8.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice 口水肩 x8
    9.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice 手套 x2
    10.   Luvable Friends 紗巾 x3 
    11.    嬰兒濕紙巾 x2
    12.    透明包裝盒 x1


5 Tier Twins Diaper Cake


  1. Pampers Diaper(SIZE:S/M/L/XL)

    1.    Just Because Baby Elephant Plush Toy x2
    2.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice Baby Comfort Blanket (Elephant) x2
    3.    Little Caleb Silicone Teether with Pacifier Clip x2
    4.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice Multi-purpose Baby Blanket (Towel/Pad/Swaddle) x2
    5.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice Baby Suit x6
    6.    Luvable Friends Baby Booties x2
    7.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice Baby Towel x8
    8.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice Baby Bib x8
    9.    Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice Baby Mittens x2
    10.   Luvable Friends Muslin Swaddle x3
    11.    Baby Wipes x2
    12.    Plastic Gift box x1


Baby Gender / 嬰兒性別
Diaper Size / 尿片尺碼
Diaper / 尿片
  • Remarks 備註 :


    * 訂貨人姓名
    * 訂貨人聯絡電話
    * 收貨人名字
    * 收貨人地址
    - 收貨人電話
    - 祝福語


    Once you placed your order, please fill in the following information at the shopping cart Memo area.
    (*) Mandatory 
    * Orderer's Name
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    * Receiver's name
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  • Ordering Instruction 訂購需知 :


    The baby products in the diaper cakes will be updated and changed from time to time. Our designer will assemble the cake with the best products.

  • Products Reference Size 產品參考尺寸 :

    H:12cm x W:23cm 


    ***Those measurements are the sizes of the diapers, the measurements of stuffed animals and other products are no included.***

  • Purchase Note 購買需知:

    1) 貨品整體顏色及主題可根據客戶要求更改。如有其他特別要求,例如:尺吋、指定嬰兒產品牌子或玩具等,請與我們聯絡。

    The overall color and theme of the diaper cake can be adjusted upon request. Please contact us for special requirments, such as size, specific brand products or toys. 
    2) 尿片蛋糕的嬰兒用品會因季節性或款式供貨週期而短缺, 如遇此情況, 本店會以同等或更高價格之嬰兒用品代替。

    If the product(s) in the Diaper Cake is out of stock, the item(s) will be replaced with equal or higher value product(s).


    3) 所有圖片的包裝絲帶, 禮品盒, 絲花只供參考, 如遇缺貨, 本店會以最接近的顏色及更高價格的系列代替。

    The ribbons, gift boxes, artificial flowers showed on the pictures are for reference only. In the event that the decorations are unavailable, we will replace them with the closest color and packing materials with equal or higher value.