SD006 Pink Baby Buggy Diaper Cake

造型尿片蛋糕 - 粉紅甜睡BB車


*由於款式設計問題,BB車尿片蛋糕只提供M, L, XL尿片。



  • 嬰兒紙尿片
  • Mother's Choice 嬰兒多用途包被  
  • Hudson Childrenswear 連身衣 
  • Hudson Childrenswear 毛巾 
  • Hudson Childrenswear 口水肩 x2
  • Hudson Childrenswear 嬰兒襪子 
  • 英國 Luvena Fortuna 搖鈴啤啤熊 
  • 透明包裝盒 
  • 精美心意卡 (請於右方填上心意卡內容或於付款時按下備註備註填寫)

Special Edition Diaper Cakes -Pink Baby Buggy Diaper Cake 

Please select the diaper's brand and size from the right. Due to assembly limitations, only M, L, XL diaper sizes are available for order.



  • Diapers
  • Mother's Choice Baby Receiver Blanket 
  • Hudson Childrenswear Baby Bodysuit 
  • Hudson Childrenswear Baby Washcloth 
  • Hudson Childrenswear Baby Bib x2
  • Hudson Childrenswear Baby Cotton Socks 
  • Luvena Fortuna Bear Rattle, UK 
  • Plastic Gift Box
  • Greeting Card(Please leave the message on the right or write in the check-out remarks.)

SD006 Pink Baby Buggy Diaper Cake

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